Junk Removal Services Poteau Okalahoma: Searching for services within their geographical area.

Residential Junk Removal Poteau Okalahoma: For homeowners looking to clear out household clutter.

Commercial Junk Removal Poteau Okalahoma: Aimed at businesses needing to dispose of office furniture, electronics, etc.

Eco-Friendly Junk Removal Poteau Okalahoma: Appeals to environmentally conscious consumers.

Affordable Junk Removal Poteau Okalahoma: Attracts those looking for cost-effective solutions.

Same Day Junk Removal Poteau Okalahoma: For customers needing immediate service.

Bulk Junk Removal Poteau Okalahoma: Targets searches related to large volumes of waste.

Furniture Removal Poteau Okalahoma: A specific service many search for within the broader category.

Appliance Removal Poteau Okalahoma: Another specific service frequently sought out.

Junk Hauling Companies Poteau Okalahoma: Broad search for businesses offering these services.

Local Junk Hauling Poteau Okalahoma: Geographically targeted searches for nearby services.

Heavy Junk Hauling Poteau Okalahoma: For searches related to the removal of particularly heavy items.

Cheap Junk Hauling Poteau Okalahoma: Price-conscious consumers looking for budget-friendly options.

Professional Junk Hauling Poteau Okalahoma: Targets those seeking high-quality, reliable services.

Residential Junk Hauling Poteau Okalahoma: For individuals needing household junk removal.

Commercial Junk Hauling Poteau Okalahoma: Businesses looking to clear out commercial spaces.

Estate Cleanout Services Poteau Okalahoma: Specific service within junk hauling focusing on clearing estates.

Yard Waste Hauling Poteau Okalahoma: For the removal of organic waste and debris from outdoor spaces.

Construction Debris Hauling Poteau Okalahoma: Targeting construction sites needing clean-up services.

Basic Land Clearing Poteau OK
Brush Piles And Underbrush Removal Poteau OK
Brush Removal Around Fences Poteau OK
Construction Cleanup Poteau OK
Junk Hauling And Removal Poteau OK
Minor Tree Removal Poteau OK
Shrub Removal And Thinning Poteau OK
Yard Cleanups Poteau OK Debris Removal






Overgrown Yards And Flower Gardens Cleanup Poteau OK

Junk Removal and Hauling Declutters Your Life

Removing old, unused, or unwanted items improves the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your property, increasing its value. Garage or yard sales take time, planning, work – and many times they still leave you with lots of unwanted items, clothing, or furniture.

A Junk Free Lifestyle Relieves Stress and Simplifies

Hollan Junk’s removal services clear out homes, barns or offices – making your work and living spaces much more safe.  Hire us today and refuse to live with clutter, debris, and the bugs, rodents, snakes or germs that sometimes live in junk-filled living or work spaces.

Get Junk Out of Your Home, Barn, Attic or Garage

A debri-free home, barn, attic, shed or business feels more spacious, it’s cleaner, and it’s organized. Plus, cleaning out your living or work spaces ensures that your family or customers are in a safe environment – free from fire hazards or dangerous pests that live there.

Overgrown Yards And Flower Gardens Cleanup Poteau OK

Welcome!  I'm Dustin Hollan, owner and operator of Hollan Junk.  We do everything by hand - no machinery involved. A lot of times that makes for a cleaner job!  My motto is, "If we can fit it in my trailer we will load it up and haul it off!"

Sometimes we simply get busy - stuff piles up on us and gets away from us.

The problem is that stuff like brush piles, junk piles, clutter, etc - not only cause stress every time you look at it or you have to climb over it or work around it - but it also creates an environment thats great for snake dens, rat nests, skunk and possum dens, along with other critters that like to occupy your space - rent free!!

You should know that in some parts of Oklahoma, it's actually against local city, county, or state code to have clutter because it can be a fire hazard or an eye sore.

Got clutter?  Don’t worry, we can help out with all of these things:

  • We do barn and shed cleanouts
  • House, attic, and garage cleanouts
  • Yard cleanups – Garbage pickup
  • Storm damage cleanup
  • Old car removal and scrap pile cleanup
  • Construction cleanup
  • And everything in between!

Again, if you have debris of any kind – old furniture, appliances, etc – and it can fit in my trailer… Then you’re in good hands with Hollan Junk!

House Cleanouts

Clearing out unwanted stuff from your house can feel like a breath of fresh air. With our house cleanout service, you can say goodbye to all that clutter that’s been piling up.

Not only does this make your home look and feel better, but it also makes it safer. No more tripping over things lying around, and fewer places for those sneaky critters to hide.

A clean home is a happy home, and it’s amazing how much stress goes away when your living space is neat and tidy. Let us help you create a peaceful, clutter-free environment where you can truly relax.

Attic Junk Removal

Attics are out-of-sight, which means they often become out-of-mind when it comes to clutter. Our attic junk removal service will help you clear out those forgotten treasures and potential hazards.

This not only frees up space but also eliminates hiding spots for pests and reduces fire risk. Imagine how nice it’ll be to have an attic you can use for storage without worrying about what you might find up there. Let’s make your attic a safe and tidy space together.

Garbage Pickup

Don’t let garbage pile up and become a problem. Our garbage pickup service keeps your property clean and reduces health hazards. Regular garbage pickup means no unwanted critters rummaging through your trash and less chance of tripping over scattered waste.

A clean property is a safe, healthy place for you and your family. Let us take care of the mess so you can focus on enjoying your clean space.

Barn Cleanouts

Our barn cleanout service is perfect for keeping your barn safe and working well. Over time, barns can get filled with stuff that ain’t needed, turning into a home for critters and creating fire hazards.

By clearing out old junk, you’re not just making your barn look better, you’re also reducing the risk of fire and keeping snakes and pests at bay. Imagine how great it’ll feel to have a clean, organized barn where everything’s in its place and you can easily find what you need.

Plus, a tidy barn means a safer, happier place for your animals and less stress for you.

Shed Cleanouts

Got a shed full of old tools, broken equipment, and who-knows-what-else? Our shed cleanout service will help you take back that space.

A clean shed means you won’t have to wade through a mess to find what you’re looking for, and it reduces the chance of accidents. No more worrying about tripping over something or finding unwelcome guests like snakes hiding in the corners.

With our help, your shed will be a neat and safe spot for storing your stuff, making your life a whole lot easier.

Garage Junk Removal

Garages tend to become the catch-all spot for everything we don’t want in the house. But don’t worry, our garage junk removal service can turn that cluttered space into an organized area you can be proud of. Imagine being able to park your car in there again, or having a neat space for your hobbies.

Plus, clearing out old junk reduces fire hazards and keeps critters at bay. Let us help you reclaim your garage, making it a safe and useful space once more.

Yard Cleanups

A tidy yard is not just about looking good—it’s about safety too. Our yard cleanup service gets rid of leaves, branches, and other debris, making your outdoor space safer and more enjoyable.

No more tripping over branches or wrestling with overgrown bushes. Plus, cleaning up your yard helps keep snakes and pests from turning your outdoor space into their home.

Let us help you create a beautiful, safe yard that you and your family can enjoy without worry.

Sometimes our yards, property, fence lines, etc. – can quickly get overgrown.

No worries – we do that, too!

  • Minor tree removal
  • Shrub and overgrowth removal
  • Basic land clearing – fenceline clearing

We’ll cut down and haul off any tree that is NOT near – close to – or that could fall on or damage – structures, power lines, or personal or private property.

But, if you have a dead tree in your pasture or in your yard that is out of reach of a structure we will cut it down, clean it up, and haul it all off! Too easy!

Storm Damage Cleanup

Storms can leave a mess, but we’re here to help with our storm damage cleanup service. From fallen branches to scattered debris, we’ll clear it all away, making your property safe and tidy again.

Quick cleanup after a storm reduces the risk of accidents and deters pests looking for a new home in the chaos. Let us help you recover from the storm faster, so you can get back to normal life with one less thing to worry about.

Old Car Removal, Scrap Pile Cleanup, Construction Cleanup, Minor Tree Removal, Shrub Removal, Basic Land Clearing, Brush Removal

Got an old car sitting around, a pile of scrap, or a yard full of brush? Our comprehensive cleanup services tackle everything from old car removal to basic land clearing.

We’ll help you get rid of anything that’s taking up space and creating hazards on your property.

Clearing away old cars, scrap, and overgrown brush not only makes your property look better but also removes tripping hazards and reduces the risk of fire. Plus, getting rid of all that junk means fewer hiding spots for critters.

Whether it’s cleaning up after a construction project, removing a few trees, or clearing the brush from your fence rows, we’ve got you covered. Let us help you create a safe, clean space that’s easy to enjoy and maintain.

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"Mr. Hollan and his son’s were very professional. They did an excellent job! I would definitely use them again. And recommend them to family and friends. You will not be disappointed with them. They have excellent work ethic, very friendly and did and amazing job taking down an old barn and shop building. Their price was very fair and they had it completed in only a couple days." - Mark Kannady 5-Star Facebook Review
"For every minute spent organizing - an extra hour is earned."

- Benjamin Franklin